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Phone Number
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Mailing Address
This is used for contract purposes as well as to send the final package including the USB of raw footage. We NEVER share your information with ANYONE for any reason.
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Expected Due Date
Hospital, birth center, home, etc.
Please list full address. This prevents any confusion or miscommunication!
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Emergency (Backup) Contact
Emergency (Backup) Contact
This is used so that when you are in labor, we know who to get in touch with! You certainly will not be texting during contractions! ;)
Backup's Phone Number
Backup's Phone Number
We license our music through,, and Please choose 3 or more upbeat songs from any of these websites. Please list the name of the song along with the name of the artist. I will choose which songs best represent the footage at the time of editing. (If you need a little more time to decide, just type that you are still deciding, and you can get back to me on this!)
Have we left anything out? Do you have any special requests?
Song Choice / Changing of Songs
I acknowledge that the songs listed above are my choices and acceptable for use in my edited video. Verity Videography has the liberty to choose any of the songs I have listed. Upon reviewing the edited video, if I decide to use one of my changes to "change" the music selected, I will be responsible for the cost to license a different song (this includes songs that I already have listed.)
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Please note that there is a $500 non-refundable deposit due at the signing of your contract. There is a 3% processing fee in order to use the online service through PAYPAL. Please add this amount to your payment MANUALLY. This means that deposits being paid via PayPal should be made for $515. Thanks for understanding! (Please note that payments can also be paid by check without any additional fees.)