There isn't even time to blog...Welcome Grady!

To say that 2018 has been good to us is an understatement. Just look at this sweet babe! And to top it all off, we were just listed as a winner for The Knot’s BEST OF WEDDINGS 2019!!


My husband and I welcomed our 3rd little boy just a few short weeks ago, Grady Phillip Champion. (All photos were taken by Baby Bella Photography.) My pregnancy, like the other two, was not easy and made accomplishing simple tasks very difficult. Nonetheless, my trusty second shooter (my little sister) and I pushed on. Of course, we would not have been able to get through the year without help from Clawson Media (Sarah, we love you!) by taking a few weddings that were right around our due date and helping us second shoot weddings that I needed just a little more help for.

Regardless, we pressed on and had a very successful and fruitful year of weddings! I am in the process of editing the last four, with our last wedding of the year coming up this Saturday at Little River Farms (prob our favorite venue!). Stay tuned, and keep checking Verity’s Facebook page for the latest edits.

We love our clients and are so grateful for their patience and understanding as this year has been one for the books. Grady appreciates it, too! ;) To say our hands are full is a definite minimization.


best is yet to come // 2018 awards

It's been so long since I have even had a moment to sit down and even THINK about writing a blog post. I guess staying busy is a good thing, but boy is there something to be said for enjoying the quiet. 

This past year has been eventful: first bridal show booth, taking the jump to advertise with, being awarded WeddingWire's Couples' Choice Award 2018, being awarded one of Expertise Best Wedding Videographer in Atlanta 2018, being awarded's Best of Weddings 2018 Pick and attended the Ray Roman Workshop (technically this year, but who's technical!?). 

We have such good things coming this year. As we vamp up our gear, skills and know-how, we not only aim to make our booked weddings some amazing videos, but we are really wanting to serve more and more each year in the community. We've had the opportunity to serve with Next Step Ministries and the Thrive Ministry at FBCW. Being able to serve the community is a huge goal we set for ourselves with Verity. It is one of the things I was to keep at the forefront of who we are.

I can't wait to see all that this year has in store for us. For any of you reading...thanks for keeping up with us! The Lord is using this company in ways I never dreamed.



Matthew + Katie // Spring Lake Events // Atlanta Wedding Videography

Happiest of wedding days to Katie and Matt! 

I love getting the chance to work with adventurous brides. As soon as we suggested Katie and Matt get in the canoe, she was all in! Working with brides that are willing to be flexible and gutsy make the final product so much more amazing. My hat's off to Katie and Matt for having fun and being willing to just do whatever to make sure we got the shots!

Also, this venue is amazing! Make sure you watch the video to see the drone coverage of the venue. The open land, long creek leading to the lake...all surrounded by mountains. WHAT A DREAM!

Matthew + Tiffany // The Conservatory at Waterstone // Atlanta Wedding Videographer

I am pretty sure that Tiffany was my most giggly bride yet. Her day was filled with utter joy! Tears from first looks and joyous laughter were scattered throughout the day. 

Matthew and Tiffany are the perfect compliments. Just ask anyone that knows them. The calm and stillness to the crazy and wild. The "get up and go" to the reserved. 

Take a look and celebrate with Tiffany and Matthew! 


Easter Photos | $50 for a 10 minute session with 10-15 edited photos

Busy mamas and busy lives. Sometimes we just don't have time to plan ahead!

If you've forgotten to have Easter photos taken this year (or frankly, just have not had time!), we are available all week to meet up for last minute photos. Throw that Easter dress on your sweet little tot, and meet me at the park!


$50 Last minute easter session

  • Same day turnaround
  • Fun, easy session
  • 10-15 edited photos
  • Group photo (with cooperation and time allowed)
  • Rights to print, share, etc.

Don't miss your chance to have a quick and easy photo op for your family. This session is super easy and no stress at all. Just bring your babes dressed in their "Sunday best". Very flexible schedule, so call, and get it on the calendar!

King IV and the Eiffel Tower

My nephew, King, is the cutest kid in the world. (I can say that, because my oldest child is still a toddler!)

I can't even begin to explain to you the love that explodes out of my heart for this little boy. Maybe it's because he was the first, maybe it's because he's the son of one of the most amazing men I know, or maybe it's just because he's awesome. Just. Plain. Awesome.

And this awesome little nugget's favorite new thing? The Eiffel Tower. 

This morning he asked me to take a picture of him and his Eiffel Tower. Well, not at first. At first, King asded me to take a picture of the tower. JUST the tower. 

So then I asked to take a picture of HIM and his tower. 

This cutie melts me. I promised him that I would show him a picture of the day that I got to go see the Eiffel tower myself. He was so, so excited. So, I went home and found the picture. 

We FaceTimed so I could see his reaction when his most awesome and amazing aunt went ALL THE WAY over to France to see the HUGE Eiffel Tower in person.

So, as he is looking at my picture, without an ounce of expression on his face, I asked him what he thought about my super cool photo!? 

"Good," and he looked off in another direction. Something more exciting calling for his attention.

Well, thanks. That sure wasn't the reaction I was hoping for, kid.

Still, he's my favorite. My first little generational love. He makes my tummy go goey and my heart bubble over. And his love for France? Melts me even more. (Pretty sure he has no idea the Eiffel Tower is in France, but a girl can dream. Can't she?) 

Tim + Ashley Engagement // Downtown Woodstock

A late lunch, strolling the downtown strip while shopping and a secret planned proposal on the gazebo. Ashley was stunned when Tim dropped to a knee! (Check out the awesome photo op Ash saw and asked some random guy to grab a photo. Poor Tim, just waiting! This same guy was the one that we asked to leave the gazebo just 5 minutes earlier...knowing that there was going to be a proposal!)


Even her son, Vavrek, was in on the surprise!

She's got two men in her life now. ;)

Gorgeous couple!

Congrats to my sweet friend Ashley. :) I am so happy you are getting your "happily ever after"!

Brinson's First Birthday // Atlanta Videographer

His mom and dad sure shot for the stars for this "out of this world" first birthday! Brinson is one blessed boy. Happy Birthday little buddy. You have many more years of joy to come. :)

Pritchett Announcement #4

It's no secret that the Pritchetts have lots of little girls. Every animal on their farm is a girl (with the exception of recently acquired Bubba). 

They are now expecting their FOURTH little girl. 

We took the drive out to Taylorsville and spent the day with them. Joel and Papa (the girls' grandfather) were building the new play house in the backyard, and the girls chased the chickens. 

While we had the camera out, we decided to do a few portraits with the horses.

Watch the video to see their gender reveal. 

Charlotte Faith Lewis' Arrival // Atlanta Birth Center // Atlanta Birth Videographer

The winter solstice. Not only was it the longest night of the year for the Northern Hemisphere's clock, but my best friend might argue it was the longest night of the year for her as well.

Logan and Randy welcomed their second little girl, Charlotte Faith, into this world on December 21 at 10:31PM (thanks Lita for correcting my mistaken announcement that night of 10:22PM - time of first pushing hehe). And what a chunk that little Charlotte was. She weighed in at 9 lbs. 10 oz, and this was AFTER she used the "little girl's room" for the first time ever. 

Logan was the 44th delivery to take place at the Atlanta Birth Center

They have been fundraising and campaigning to open this center for over 6 years! (I originally looked into this center when I was pregnant with my first, but they hadn't opened yet!) As soon as Logan found out that they were opening, she jumped at the chance to deliver there. We both love the idea of natural birth without intervention (unless necessary) and with midwives to boot. 

I could go on and on about how wonderful the experience was for Logan. Her midwife was 100% attending to her every need. She was not rushed in and out. She was not pricked and prodded. She was just able TO BE as she wanted TO BE. She labored how she wanted to labor and delivered how she wanted to deliver. 

The Atlanta Birth Center allowed Logan exactly what she wanted, a holistic approach to childbirth. Something you don't find often in this day of medical hooplah (spell check please?) and pushed pharmaceuticals. (Don't get me wrong...drugs - the legal kind - are nice to have when needed, and doctors are a wonderful thing when you need them as well. I love you Dr. Robbins!)

OK. I will get on with it. Check out Logan's delivery story. 

Thanksgiving 2016 // Champion Family

I am coming to learn that there are few things that I love more than just BEING with my family. My intimate family of four, my extended family of siblings and parents and even my in-laws. 

Yesterday was perfect in my book (except not seeing Pop Pop!). My mom, sister and I cooked all of our food the day before so that we could actually enjoy the day this time. It was a greeeaaat! idea for those that were wondering lol Way less dishes and way more playing with babies and actually sitting down.

Spending time with my family is the most soul-nourishing thing in the world. We are so blessed to have many in our family. The saying "the more, the merrier" couldn't be more true for us. Even though we were sad to not have Charlotte and Caroline with us this year, we loved having their brothers! Watching our boys grow up together (little cousins) is one of the most satisfying things to watch. 

Of course I took my camera out and had to snap a few pics.

Derek + Ashley // Sugarboo Farms // Sample Edits

One perk of your BFF being a wedding videographer? Sneak peaks. Special edits. Raw footage for dayzzzzzz.

Here is a sneak peak of Ashley on her big day. 

Video to come!

shot by: Whitney Flockhart
edits by: Mary Bess Champion

Kyle + Elizabeth // Madison Tea Room + Gardens // Atlanta Wedding Videographer

Rain on your wedding day? There at least be a double rainbow to make it right!

Hooray for Elizabeth and Kyle on their marriage. Their wedding day was so sweet, soft and pure. And listening to her father officiate the wedding, total perfection.

Elizabeth, I just know that the Lord is going to use your marriage to bless others! It is so evident, not only in who you are as individuals, but also in the way that the two of you love each other. Our God is good!

Richie + Laura // Foxhall Resort's Legacy Lookout // Atlanta Wedding Videography

Holy to the Moly. 
Laura + her dress + the view + their vows = MELT ME TO A PUDDLE!

To say that this woman was stunning makes the word "stunning" seem inadequate. She was absolutely radiant last Saturday night. 

It always makes me so happy to see couples that are actually best friends. Watching Laura and Richie dance in the middle of the floor, you wouldn't know anyone else was around them watching. Nothing else seemed to matter except that beauty in the white dress and her dapper husband twirling her around and around.

Also, Brittany Anderson shot this wedding, and the world is better off for it. JUST LOOK AT THIS DREAM! 
photo credit: Brittany Rae Photo