Learning to use Lightroom // Darren + Mary // Foxhall Resort

I am trying a crash course (self-taught) on how to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom CC. 



Mary Bennet (now Pope) was the perfect model for this crash course. She was patient and kind, genuinely soaking up her day. Take a look at a few of my favorites. Comments welcome. Practice makes perfect.

Blown away by the backdrop? Foxhall Resort's Legacy Lookout was a DREAM to watch as the sun set over the lakes and fields.



This little gem is my favorite. A few of Darren's groomsmen were making her laugh. She tried to resist the smile, but her laugh couldn't be restrained anymore. You can see the happiness in her eyes.



Here, Mary was waiting for Darren to finish up with his portraits, taken by Britney Rae Photography, and was just watching her new husband. These moments are some of my favorites, because they are the first moments as husband and wife. 

She is watching her lifelong partner, for this first time as her husband. Oh the life they will make! :)


Here is the team! (Well, I am behind the camera, so it is MOST of us.) Britney Rae Photography leading the way, Whitney helping to second shoot for me (you can check her out on Whitney Flockhart Photography as well) and me behind the camera taking it all in. 

What a fun day of exchanging lenses (thanks Brit!), watching sunsets and reminiscing back to my own forever day!