Keller Huffman's Newborn Session | Photos

I am really trying my hand at learning my camera. Take a look at Reid and Jessica's sweet little one week old, baby Keller (I stinking LOVE his name!). 

Who doesn't just love an ooey, gooey newborn baby!?!?! 

...and when his daddy loves him!? How sweet is this moment? I was frantically trying to shoot the camera so I could grab pics of him snuggling up to his little boy. These were genuine moments between father and son. :)

I couldn't help this one. How cuddly is this teeny, tiny baby bear? His smile is GREAT! He kinda matches my run. 

We can't forget MOMMY! The light hit them perfect coming out of our front windows. The light looks like it is kissing them, just as softly as she kisses her sweet babe. 

It's a warm and strange thing to know the love of being a mom. Jessica will soon learn that she is the center of his world. Such an incredible feeling to know daily.

Family is one of the best gifts that the Lord can give us. The strangest part is coming full circle to that. As a child, you expect foundation, certainty, calmness, order and protection from your parents. It isn't even something you learn to question at a young age.

It is just expected, subconsciously. When you have it, you don't doubt it. 

As a grown child, you learn to have a new relationship with your parents. It is still a beautiful experience, but a very different one at that. You are "friends" and you "chat", and you learn to challenge each other (sometimes ending in not-so-mature arguments). You learn to get to know each other in different ways.

And then you have a baby. And the circle starts over. This time your perspective changes. 

I love this photo. Just Keller and me hangin' out in front of the window. 

Boy, how innocent life starts. :)