Layleigh Ryan Davis' Arrival | Photos

Sometimes you meet really cool people while running 5ks. 

It is so strange, that I remember in such clarity the day that we met Maggie, her mom and the rest of Team Maggie. My sister, mom and I were running (or maybe jogging?) the Run, Walk or Roll 5k to support Next Step Ministries

Mary Jones (Maggie's mom) and her family were crossing the finish line with us. So of course we had to ask about those bright blue shirts...WHO'S MAGGIE? 

Maggie. Diagnosed with breast cancer at 24. Double Bilateral Mastectomy. 4 rounds of Chemo. The doctors told her that her chances of having children were significantly reduced...

Until God!

Meet Maggie's miracle baby: Layleigh Ryan Davis.  

Layleigh meets mom!

Maggie's cheering squad was a litttttttle bit excited...

I can't explain the honor in being invited to take part in one of the most intimate and miraculous moments that life has to offer. Watching as new life is brought into this world. The face of a new mom looking into her first-born child. That sweet, sweet sound of a baby's first cry. It never gets old.



Maggie, you are loved, cherished and cared for by everyone around you. The support you had last night at the hospital shows the kind of woman that you are. People flock to you. You are loved.

Layleigh, get ready, your mom is crazy! Your life will be filled with so much happiness and joy. I can only hope to watch as you grow.