Thanksgiving 2016 // Champion Family

I am coming to learn that there are few things that I love more than just BEING with my family. My intimate family of four, my extended family of siblings and parents and even my in-laws. 

Yesterday was perfect in my book (except not seeing Pop Pop!). My mom, sister and I cooked all of our food the day before so that we could actually enjoy the day this time. It was a greeeaaat! idea for those that were wondering lol Way less dishes and way more playing with babies and actually sitting down.

Spending time with my family is the most soul-nourishing thing in the world. We are so blessed to have many in our family. The saying "the more, the merrier" couldn't be more true for us. Even though we were sad to not have Charlotte and Caroline with us this year, we loved having their brothers! Watching our boys grow up together (little cousins) is one of the most satisfying things to watch. 

Of course I took my camera out and had to snap a few pics.