Charlotte Faith Lewis' Arrival // Atlanta Birth Center // Atlanta Birth Videographer

The winter solstice. Not only was it the longest night of the year for the Northern Hemisphere's clock, but my best friend might argue it was the longest night of the year for her as well.

Logan and Randy welcomed their second little girl, Charlotte Faith, into this world on December 21 at 10:31PM (thanks Lita for correcting my mistaken announcement that night of 10:22PM - time of first pushing hehe). And what a chunk that little Charlotte was. She weighed in at 9 lbs. 10 oz, and this was AFTER she used the "little girl's room" for the first time ever. 

Logan was the 44th delivery to take place at the Atlanta Birth Center

They have been fundraising and campaigning to open this center for over 6 years! (I originally looked into this center when I was pregnant with my first, but they hadn't opened yet!) As soon as Logan found out that they were opening, she jumped at the chance to deliver there. We both love the idea of natural birth without intervention (unless necessary) and with midwives to boot. 

I could go on and on about how wonderful the experience was for Logan. Her midwife was 100% attending to her every need. She was not rushed in and out. She was not pricked and prodded. She was just able TO BE as she wanted TO BE. She labored how she wanted to labor and delivered how she wanted to deliver. 

The Atlanta Birth Center allowed Logan exactly what she wanted, a holistic approach to childbirth. Something you don't find often in this day of medical hooplah (spell check please?) and pushed pharmaceuticals. (Don't get me wrong...drugs - the legal kind - are nice to have when needed, and doctors are a wonderful thing when you need them as well. I love you Dr. Robbins!)

OK. I will get on with it. Check out Logan's delivery story.