Darren + Mary // Legacy Lookout // Atlanta Wedding Videographer

Not quite sure what was more beautiful, the drive on the way up to Legacy Lookout or the view once you were at the top... Darren and Mary chose Foxhall Resort to be the backdrop to their nuptials, and they couldn't have chosen a more gorgeous setting. The sun set shortly after their sweet ceremony and the golden rays seemed to hang over them, not wanting to leave. 

There is such innocence in the first few moments as husband and wife. Repeating vows that will mark the many years to follow. The expectation of hope, trust, love and companionship to bind two people in unity. 

Watch Darren's eyes as he sees his future, his life, beautiful one walking towards him. The expectation of life and joy fills him!

This wedding was such a fun celebration. :) Watch Mary and Darren as they step into forever!!