Kilpatrick Wedding | The Importance of Staying Calm

Happiest of Mondays to you all out there. I just wanted to give a quick shout out to my bride from Saturday night while also giving a quick note to potential and future brides. 

Weddings, though special, planned and important, are still just one day of many days. Your attitude, outlook and response to circumstances are a direct reflection of WHO YOU ARE. How do you roll with the punches? Are you kind, gentle and patient with all around you?

Rachel exemplifies this.


Her spirit, the entire day, was beautiful. She radiated from the spark in her eyes to the smirk of her smile. She smiled, laughed and truly just went with it all day. You could tell, this was HER day and she was basking in it.  

When things didn't go so well? She shined still

Let me just tell you, things have a tendency to go awry. NOTHING in this life is guaranteed, except the pure love of our Father. So many times we get carried away with timelines, being the center of attention and having things go off without a hitch. But sometimes, there are curveballs. 

My pastor always says (my rough paraphrase)...You know what you really are when you are crushed/pressed together. The "perfume" that arises represents what is truly inside of you. Are you the sweet fragrance of a crushed myrrh seed or are you the stench of stink bug when crushed?


I would say this couple truly smells like the sweet fragrance of Christ living in them. 

Rachel, you and Lucas are precious. Your love for each other shines bright, but your love for the Lord shines greater still. In the midst of frustration and confusion, you are light. Thanks for reminding me that this world, this day, is not about me. 


One more shout out to Amber Cather Herendon for being so amazing to work with. You are easy to get along with, shoot with and are overall pleasant to be with. You make the bride feel so comfortable, and your portraits are always stunning. (click to see for yourself!)