Reunion in West Virginia | Family Portraits

Every year, Chris' family takes a trip up to West Virginia to reunite with loved ones and celebrate "Decoration Day" or Memorial Day in the cemetery of their forefathers. One of my favorite days is the day we go to the Baker family side and have a service and picnic in the cemetery. 

There are people everywhere.

It is such a special time for us to spend with cousins, aunts, uncles and 3rd-removed-what's-her-names. I took a few minutes to capture some of the younger cousins playing out in the back yard. 

Lovin' on babies was the best part. Watching our son grow up with his 3rd cousins is a pretty awesome thing to do. Spending time with the people that I grew up with is a bonus. 

We will definitely be back in two years for the 100th celebration of this family reunion. 100 YEARS! So proud that we get to share in this lagacy.