Max + Joan // Agnes Scott College // Atlanta Wedding Videographer

Here is a quick little edit I threw together today after Joan and Max's wedding last night. I really enjoyed the evening! (Being my first wedding back post baby...5 weeks!)

Joan could not have picked better vendors and/or venues. Hands down, the best "oiled machine" of a wedding we have worked thus far. Check out the dream team:

  • What a joy to work with GenelLynne again. You will HAVE to check out her photos of the big day. Such an incredible photographer!
  • The staff at Agnes Scott College went above and beyond. They were the kinda folks to work with and be around. Not to mention, they did everything to make sure the night went off without a hitch! Congrats to y'all for having it together. ;)
  • Courtney, with Surber Paz Weddings & Events, was wonderful as well. Having a coordinator that is on the ball is a must! She was timely, attentive and such a pleasure to work with. 
  • Alexis and the Samurai. W.O.W. Please, just go listen. (Indie Folk/Pop)
  • Last but not least, I have never seen/heard an MC who never missed a beat. No awkward pauses. No screeching sounds blaring from the speakers. Names were pronounced correctly, songs were mixed appropriately and it just seemed nice! We HIGHLY recommend for ANY WEDDING!   

Enjoy the quick look at Joan and Max's long awaited wedding day.

Sonny Chase Gazaway's Arrival | Baby Delivery Video

My newest nephew is here! Welcome to the world Sonny!

Sonny Chase Gazaway
born September 11, 2016 at 7:10am
7 lbs. 7 oz.
20 1/2 in

My sister is such a rockstar! She went 100% natural and delivered a very healthy baby boy. :) She had grace and patience, not only with herself but with the nursing staff, doctors and her husband! I have never seen someone enter motherhood with such poise

Sonny mostly likes to sleep all day and is learning to nurse very well! Mommy is healing nicely, and Daddy is glad to be home and getting used to the new normal.


{videoed by Whitney Flockhart, editing by Verity Videography}

Brian + Amanda // In The Woods // Atlanta Wedding Videographer

Hooray for the Roberts on their new adventure of marriage! We loved being able to take part in your special day and had a blast while doing it!

Bullet points from the Roberts wedding:
1. You're the coolest bride ever if you have King of Pops cater at the wedding.
2. Amanda's green eyes are striking!
3. Sometimes you have to steal a kiss from the really. He stole it! ;)

I love Rockmart for many reasons and am very pleased to add In The Woods to my list of reasons. This venue was gorgeous, well maintained and overall so wonderful to work with! Now, watch their video!!!

Rahul + Pooja Engagement // Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel

He was so nervous. I could tell he loved her a lot, even after just meeting him. He wanted it perfect for her, and every detail mattered. 

Makes me think back to the day Chris proposed to me. I didn't think he had a romantic bone in his body! HA! He sure blew that thought out of the water. Everything he did will forever be glued in my mind. That day was perfect. I could tell Chris was nervous, too - shaking even. It's a big question. A big promise. But the best one ever!

I was so grateful that Rahul asked me to be a part of this special moment for him and Pooja. He was sweeter than sweet can be and ready to ask his future bride the question of all questions. He was so meticulous with the details, setting up hours before her arrival. He flew into Atlanta just to surprise his girl and then head back home again. 

I'd be lying if I didn't have tears welling in my eyes when he finally got down on one knee. Her "yes" barely audible for her own tears pouring down!

Here's to forever! Congrats to Rahul and Pooja! :) Enjoy their engagement video. 

Speer Twins Gender Reveal | Papasitos

My brother and his fantastic wife are expecting, again. This time....TWINS. 

We all went out to Papasitos Cantina to eat some cake pops (Andrea, seriously, bring me more!) and find out what the gender of these sweet babes are going to be!!!!

Watch the or blue

Jezreel + Karlen // Roswell Country Club // Atlanta Wedding Videographer

Pretty sure it was the hottest day on Earth, ever...okay, maybe it's just the pregnancy talking. 

On a serious note, I am pretty sure I would have melted regardless of the heat. You wanna talk about God doing some amazing things in the life of a very patient and noble woman!? I wish you all could have had the chance to hear the stories of how Jez and Karlen met and fell in love. 

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9

I love to hear the love stories of the men who have pursued the heart of the Lord in order to claim the heart of the beauty. Karlen, your patience paid off. Jez, your perseverance not only built character but a lifetime of love built on a sturdy foundation. (Romans 5:4) 

I wish you the BEST that marriage has to offer and pray that you continue to cling to the Father as your guidance, your foundation, your hope and your future.

Here's to the Wilsons!

Photographer Spotlight: Dena Howard Portrait Design

I had the opportunity to work with Dena Howard Portrait Design this week in North Carolina. 

Dena specializes in newborn photography. She has personally attended over 100 photography classes (more than half, focusing on newborn safety). Not only does Dena take extreme care by washing hands and sanitizing regularly, she AND her assistant are up to date on shots and immunizations. 

Her studio is a super cute, little building custom made for portraits. As soon as the parents walk in the door, they are welcomed with a warm smile and kindness at every turn. Mommy and Daddy feel very welcomed and at ease the entire process. 

She goes the extra mile every time. 

Check out the new promo I created for her company! If you are a new mommy...YOU NEED TO CHECK HER OUT!

Photographer Spotlight: Amber Cather Photography

Anyone remember Rachel and Lucas and their INSANELY gorgeous wedding at Aska Farms


Well, don't you wanna know who shot their portraits!? One of my all time favorites, to not only work with...Amber Cather Photography. Amber is such a joy to be around and a freaking awesome photographer. She makes it seem so easy, and her shots are STUNNING. 

Aska Farms is already a gorgeous venue...but not any old grandma with a point and shoot can capture this...

Dreamy, right!?

Okay, so I just adore her, and her photos speak for themselves. So, check her out. You want to reserve her BEFORE she books your date. You won't regret it. 

Look at Rachel's gorgeous little flower girl. 

You want Amber to capture these moments for YOU!

Oh...and moments like this...


I mean....who DOESN'T W.O.P. with the bride!?!?!?

So check her out:

Rachel and Lucas' wedding video...shot by us, Verity Videography. ;) 

Michael + Hannah // Rocky's Lake Estate // Atlanta Wedding Videographer

Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming. When it comes to choosing your vendors, we don't want to be part of that headache. 

Cramming on a budgets? We have options for you! Our Lite Package is the perfect last minute addition to all of your hard work and planning. 

I can't tell you how many brides I have heard that say they just WISH they had had a videographer at their wedding. It is the best way to relive your day over and over. With all of our packages, we include ALL the raw footage:  all those moments you either missed or can't remember. 

We even include a small highlight reel with our Lite Package. Check out Michael and Hannah's day in a glance. :)

If you KNOW that you want a videographer to capture your big day, give us a call or shoot us an email. We work within most budgets and would love to share in your day!

Lucas + Rachel // Aska Farms // Atlanta Wedding Videographer

The kind of love that makes your soul smile.

Lucas and Rachel have this exact thing. And when watching them? It's contagious. I can't tell you how many times I have played their marriage announcement over and over again while editing. Watch carefully at his grin and her smile as soon as they finish kissing. IT'S SPARKLING! 

When two people love each other as much as these two do, with a foundation set upon Christ, you know their marriage will move mountains! I can't wait to see how the Lord uses this radiant couple. HOORAY FOR THE KILPATRICKS! LOVE WINS AGAIN!

James + Elizabeth // Juliette Chapel // Atlanta Wedding Videographer

Her decorations were straight out of a bridal magazine:  every bride's envy. 

From her flowers and hair to the beautiful printed programs, this wedding was WELL put together. Elizabeth sure knows how to throw a wedding! What a gorgeous girl, stunning dress and incredible decór.  

James was the sweetest groom. You could tell he truly just wants his (now) wife to be happy.

All the best to Elizabeth and James! Here's to #addingapound


Reunion in West Virginia | Family Portraits

Every year, Chris' family takes a trip up to West Virginia to reunite with loved ones and celebrate "Decoration Day" or Memorial Day in the cemetery of their forefathers. One of my favorite days is the day we go to the Baker family side and have a service and picnic in the cemetery. 

There are people everywhere.

It is such a special time for us to spend with cousins, aunts, uncles and 3rd-removed-what's-her-names. I took a few minutes to capture some of the younger cousins playing out in the back yard. 

Lovin' on babies was the best part. Watching our son grow up with his 3rd cousins is a pretty awesome thing to do. Spending time with the people that I grew up with is a bonus. 

We will definitely be back in two years for the 100th celebration of this family reunion. 100 YEARS! So proud that we get to share in this lagacy.

Happy First Birthday Copen!

It's pretty darn cool becoming a mom. Way cooler than I ever thought it would be. For me, one of the best parts is watching my husband being a dad.

He is THE best dad and husband. I tear up when I watch these videos of my two boys playing together. They are so intimate and already have their own little "club".


Happiness. Total happiness. My heart is so full.


Watching your little person grow and learn the most basic of human functions, to developing their own laugh and their own ways is incredible. It's so stinkin' awesome. 



I love my boy! Happy Birthday Copen! This has been the most awesome year. You just keep getting cooler. 

Kilpatrick Wedding | The Importance of Staying Calm

Happiest of Mondays to you all out there. I just wanted to give a quick shout out to my bride from Saturday night while also giving a quick note to potential and future brides. 

Weddings, though special, planned and important, are still just one day of many days. Your attitude, outlook and response to circumstances are a direct reflection of WHO YOU ARE. How do you roll with the punches? Are you kind, gentle and patient with all around you?

Rachel exemplifies this.


Her spirit, the entire day, was beautiful. She radiated from the spark in her eyes to the smirk of her smile. She smiled, laughed and truly just went with it all day. You could tell, this was HER day and she was basking in it.  

When things didn't go so well? She shined still

Let me just tell you, things have a tendency to go awry. NOTHING in this life is guaranteed, except the pure love of our Father. So many times we get carried away with timelines, being the center of attention and having things go off without a hitch. But sometimes, there are curveballs. 

My pastor always says (my rough paraphrase)...You know what you really are when you are crushed/pressed together. The "perfume" that arises represents what is truly inside of you. Are you the sweet fragrance of a crushed myrrh seed or are you the stench of stink bug when crushed?


I would say this couple truly smells like the sweet fragrance of Christ living in them. 

Rachel, you and Lucas are precious. Your love for each other shines bright, but your love for the Lord shines greater still. In the midst of frustration and confusion, you are light. Thanks for reminding me that this world, this day, is not about me. 


One more shout out to Amber Cather Herendon for being so amazing to work with. You are easy to get along with, shoot with and are overall pleasant to be with. You make the bride feel so comfortable, and your portraits are always stunning. (click to see for yourself!) 

Remi Turns Two | Day at the Park

While Mom and Dad play in Argentina, sweet Remi gets to play at the park with Yaya and Papa T!

Happy Birthday to a girl who loves adventure, runs from the camera and prefers not to wear dresses. I pray you adventure across the world one day Remi! Your family loves you so much.

Chris + Britney // Smithgall Art Center // Atlanta Wedding Videographer

"It's not unusual to be loved by anyone..." - Tom Jones

Anyone else starting to dance the "Carlton" and tap their feet to this tune? All you Fresh Prince fans out there know JUST what I am talking about. 

Watch Chris and Britney get down, the "Carlton" way. What a fun night of laughter, dancing and milk mustaches! Celebrate with the new Mr. and Mrs. Carlton as they remember their forever day.


Baby Gann #2 Gender Reveal

With one boy under their belt, David and Allie race to the finish line...which color will win? BLUE for a baby boy or PINK for a baby girl?

Run RUN  R U N !!!!!