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Tell me a little bit about your event. What does the schedule look like? How many people? What's your idea for the video? Anything else I need to know?
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Please list (or copy and paste) the package/coverage that was discussed for booking. Please list the price that was discussed as well. (This helps both parties to stay organized!)
t really helps to get the name and phone number of a another person that will be attending the event. This is for backup purposes only. Peace of mind for everybody!
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We license our music through triplescoopmusic.com. Please choose 3 or more upbeat songs from this site. Please list the name of the song along with the name of the artist. I will choose which songs best represent the footage at the time of editing.
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Please note that there is a $500 non-refundable deposit due at the signing of your contract. There is a 3% processing fee in order to use the online service through PAYPAL. Please add this amount to your payment MANUALLY. This means that deposits being paid via PayPal should be made for $515. Thanks for understanding! (Please note that payments can also be paid by check without any additional fees.)
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It is our policy that YOU are the client. We cannot at any time discuss your package, your product, or your video edits with anyone else. This includes PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, AND CHILDREN. Please note that this is to protect your privacy as the client as well as to protect us as your vendor. IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR SPOUSE TO BE ABLE TO CONTACT US ON YOUR BEHALF, PLEASE LIST THEIR FULL NAME IN THE COMMENTS SECTION ALONG WITH A NOTE GIVING PERMISSION.