A well-oiled machine

doesn’t build itself

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my suggested creatives/COLLEAGUES


Allow me to share my friends and colleagues in this industry that work just as intentional and dependable as I do. I believe these are some of the top Atlanta wedding vendors - we are endowed to work alongside them.


Chances are, you’ve never planned a wedding before. You probably wouldn’t even think that the team needs to even “be” a team. Oh boy, let me tell ya. Professionalism is not always status quo, and unfortunately, the brides that were not gifted this tidbit of info in the planning stages have sorely been the ones to suffer on wedding day. Don’t let that be YOU!

When your wedding videographer, photographer, dj and wedding coordinator strive as a team, you’ve just curated the most exceptional experience possible.




Do you want a thorough, well-rounded photographer? No unpleasant surprises on your big day.
You want to be obsessed with what you’ve invested in. And, quite honestly, you want to know what to expect!

Take it from me, hire a photographer that’s been referred. Stalk them. Follow them. Research who they are, what they like, how they talk, and if you think you’d be friends in real life. If you love their work and you like hanging out, then BOOK THEM!




Are you considering calling all the shots, moving tables, finding those darn bouquets, calling the officiant’s cell for the FIFTH time to make sure he is 30 minutes early and then prepping grandparents before they walk the aisle?… Yeah, me either.

Hire a coordinator. Whether you DIY the whole thing in pre-planning and prep, on the day itself, YOU are NOT the go-to-girl for answers to everyone else’s questions.

Why? Because that’s why you hired a planner.

Now, you get be present with your mom while she buttons up the back of your dress. Don’t let those moments die in the water, because you think one more vendor wasn’t on your list. These two ladies have been our favorites so far. In the next few months we hope to add a few more for you to contact.



my preferred venues

The level of commitment from a venue to it’s bride depends greatly from venue to venue. I haven’t found a correlation between budget and venue in regards to cooperation level. It seems to solely depend on the owner/manager and how they personally believe in interaction with their clients.

I suggest to not only email for availability, but call them. Then go see it. Then meet the day of assistance (still hiring your own coordinator!). Then ask to speak with a previous client. Read their reviews (all of them). You can book a gold mine or coal mine.

I highly suggest vetting them. We really like working with the three below. Give them a call!




I hate that I even have to say this.

Do you want a party? A real celebration? Dancing and fun and entertainment all night? Okay, then you need to book D Street Entertainment. No, I am not receiving kickbacks off of any of these recommendations. I have just seen so many (well-intentioned) DJs and MCs really kill a moment.

This sounds like such a horrible way to start this section of a recommendation, but I have to be honest, y’all. D Street has shown up time and time again as the BEST entertaining DJ/MC we have EVER seen in 6 years. I’ve never seen them screw it up, I’ve never seen them kill a moment on the dancefloor and I’ve never seen them ruin the vows with their equipment screwing up halfway through the ceremony.

If you are hiring a full band and have budget for all-that-amazingness, DO IT. If you don’t, and are looking to hire a DJ…do not just go with cheapest. I can’t say this enough. Anyone enjoy really awkward moments with 200 of your closest family and friends staring at you? Yeah, we don’t either. Hire D Street. Save yourself.