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Mailing Address
This is used for contract purposes as well as to send the final package including the USB of raw footage. We NEVER share your information with ANYONE for any reason.
We love to hear how you found us so we can reward referrals!
Write which package you are requesting, how many hours of coverage and any special requests.
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Ceremony Start Time
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Reception Exit
The Reception will be...
Where are the girls getting ready? Where are the guys getting ready?
Sparkler? Bird seed? Fake exit? etc.
If we have left anything out, please let us know! Feel free to write a comment or concern as well.
It really helps to get the name and phone number of a bridesmaid for the day of as a backup. The bride has other things on her mind!
We license our music through this year. Please choose 3 or more upbeat songs from this site. Please list the name of the song along with the name of the artist. I will choose which songs best represent the footage at the time of editing. ***If music is not chosen by the date of the wedding, the contract turnaround date is extended by the 90 days from the date that music is provided to Verity Videography.***
Changing of Songs
I acknowledge that the songs listed above are my choices and acceptable for use in my edited wedding video. Verity Videography has the liberty to choose any of the songs I have listed. Upon reviewing the edited video if I decide to use one of my changes to "change" the music selected, I will be responsible for the cost to license a different song (this includes songs that I already have listed.)
Vendor Meals *
Please arrange to have two meals added to your final headcount - as opposed to having two "vendor meals" provided. Your caterer will appreciate the heads up, and so will our bellies! We appreciate being included in the headcount. Cold turkey sandwiches don't always cut it. ;) (In order to best serve you, we will eat just after the bridal party. This allows us to be ready for whatever happens next.)
Non-Refundable Deposit *
We require a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your date. This amount goes towards the final payment due two weeks prior to the day of the wedding. The deposit is due at the time of signing the contract. You can pay with PayPal, Venmo (@mbchamp), Cash or Check. (There is a 3% processing fee in order to use the online service through PAYPAL. Please add this amount to your payment MANUALLY. For the deposit, instead of $500, please submit $515.)
Client Privacy *
It is our policy that YOU the bride/groom are the client. We cannot at any time discuss your package, your product, or your video edits with anyone else. This includes parents of the bride and groom. Please note that this is to protect your privacy as the client as well as to protect us as your vendor.
Give me a few sentences about yourself and your soon-to-be spouse. How did you two meet? When did you know he was the one? How did he propose? Were you surprise? How long have you been planning the wedding? What are you most looking forward to on your big day?

You can now submit your deposit and final payments via PayPal.
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There is a 3% processing fee to use this service. Please add this amount to your payment manually.
Otherwise, cash and check are accepted forms of payment.
Please make checks payable to: Mary Bess Champion